Saturday, November 03, 2007

Rug Rats Model

While Art directing the Rug Rats Gone Wild I built a model of one of the locations so we could plan where we where on the island during the story.


Tom Scholes said...

I've so much respect for you Vis-Dev guys, especially those of you as fluid traditionally as you are digitally. Make me want to bust out the acrylics at work myself.

I see quite a bit of Disney work but then some Nickelodeon, can I assume then you are freelance or have just moved around a bit?

alien said...

Thanks Tom: Yes I have moved around a bit, worked at Disney, Bluth,Klasky,Dreamworks and freelance as an makeup effect artist. I worked a Dreamworks for almost 2 years and did a ton of vis-dev there but unfortunatly didn't get a copy of any of it. (lesson learned, grab all you can) Hey Tom I really like your work.